Your direct link to the French manufacturing industry

TechnicAA is a newly founded business development agency, acting on the French market.

Our core competence

We develop and nurture business relations between foreign suppliers and the French manufacturing industry.

A fully integrated service

We are your representative near your French customer. Through our unparalleled flexibility and our full dedication, we seamlessly integrate into your company structure. Towards your customer, we act as a genuine part of your organization.

The perfect interface

We offer a comprehensive customer relationship management, based on the following services:

- a local presence to your customer, with a French native contact person knowing the customs, practices and working habits of the industry he serves. He acts as a facilitator for all the aspects of the relations between your customer and your departments (sales, engineering, quality, logistics, ...etc).

- your representative knows the market he serves. He provides detailed advice regarding your sales policy, but also follows your directions with great respect. Through an agressive price management, he helps you optimize your profit in France.

- your representative has a deep knowledge of your company, gained by doing a training period with the various departments he works with, and updated through regular visits to your headquarters and production sites.

- your representative is a reliable partner for technical discussions, from the first requirements to the end of production. He follows up on open issues, checks the requirements of the customer and makes sure that they are addressed satisfactorily by your departments.

- in case of crysis, your representative is a person of reference. He coordinates the actions needed to solve the problem at hand. He reports frequently on the status of these actions, and unravels the synergies between your customer and your departments.

Our technical skills

A good business developper features perfect relational and commercial skills. We consider this as our core competence, it has been developed above. In addition, good technical skills are required, in order to present an added value to the customer. Without these technical skills, your representative would only be an empty shell in the highly technical environments we serve.

We are proud to offer the following skills to our customers and principals:

- project management

- quality assurance, including PPAP and 8D reports

- FMEA moderation

- CAD and FEM capabilities. This can be especially useful to investigate product-process interactions specific to a given project.

Let's talk about a cooperation

You are welcome to contact us. We would be glad to discuss a possible cooperation with you.

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